Define, Refine, Compose…

Decompoz is the culmination of months of work, years of planning and entire lifetimes of fascination with the people and art that shape and reshape the world around us. We’ve set out to curate -both in print and online- the innovators, game-changers, activists and artists that bring a little more beauty into the world around us. 

We aim to be a conduit for human connection – to provide a platform where up-and-comers, worthy causes and deserving artists can come to light. We want to dissect the complex connections between people, places, movements and ideas so we take our magazine on the road – traveling to experience authenticity. We take our team on location to interview, film, photograph and truly take in the essence of the subjects and content we choose to cover. Our print coverage of one city per issue is designed to give you, our audience, the widest possible snapshot of what it means to be living the experience of that city’s urbanity. 

We pair our print magazine with an active online blog that knows no geographical boundaries. As a team, we collaboratively curate content from around the globe to make our web offerings as vibrant anything we put in print. Our blog not only helps us bring even more incredible content to the forefront, it’s a tool we use to stay connected to the pulse of the cities we visit as we regularly update our readers with content that showcases the evolution of scenes and projects we’ve previously featured.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you our insights and the work of others, both raw and refined, in a complete and immersive way.

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