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It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. This must be true, because The Royals, a recently formed Montreal dance and entertainment troupe, are heating things up in the city by bringing something completely different to the table. United by a common goal of bringing a new, groundbreaking adult entertainment experience to this city (and, in the future, others), The Royals feature a lineup packed with strong, self-assured women who are as willing to embrace their sensuality as they are to push the envelope with breathtaking burlesque.

Never hiding behind their stage names, but rather using them to unleash fierce authentic personalities, these ladies bare a lot of their bodies and souls in their work. From the self-styled Queen of Hearts all the way down the roster, these performers are galvanized by the message that authenticity is more than acceptable - it’s desirable. They band together behind the idea that a unit is stronger than an individual, and they practice this principle both in preparation and performance. Their unity is derived not from their sameness, but from the fact that they are different each one from the next. At the heart of it all is the Queen, who celebrates her leadership by wearing the crown openly – on her chest, that is. Many of The Royals love to display their body art, and the Queen’s crown tattoo is one of the most striking.

Photo Credit: Yan Bleney

Despite having a mix of divergent personalities and a strong leader in the form of the Queen, The Royals are a deeply collaborative group. From helping in-house design artist Phosphorea plan and execute costumes, to finding spiritual peace, to choreographing and learning burlesque performances, these ladies work to build each other up. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you have deeply shared values. The Royals rally around the ideals of body positivity; they take great pride in the fact that they put together sexy shows that appeal to men and women alike, without buying into any single template for female beauty. In true Montreal fashion, they are open-minded and looking to mix work and art at every stage.

Photo Credit: Yan Bleney


Beyond simply presenting an appealing image, these women aspire to use their platform (and platform heels) to participate in the living art of the city. Not just satisfied to be uniformed go-go dancers, The Royals have begun to craft shows where their performers feature narratives and characters, which the ladies make their own. They are, however, very quick to point out that their characters, outfits and productions are reflections of their true selves. They dress up, perform and party hard because that is what they love to do; and they won’t feel a shred of guilt over any of it. As they move forward, The Royals are looking to perfect their own twist on burlesque performance. But their dreams don’t stop there, and one kind of performance isn’t enough to satisfy these ladies; they plan on dancing, acting celebrating and partying their way to wider recognition and a greater platform. For them, it’s all about being true to their inner calling. Continually, these women return to the idea that everyone should embrace their body and find happiness within.

Photo Credit: Yan Bleney

Photo Credit: Yan Bleney

Montreal, they feel, is the best place for them to grow their brand and their message, as this city features a population very willing to support adult entertainment and the arts. While they eventually have global aspirations of moving their brand to some of the biggest and best international locales, for the moment they are focused on bringing something new to life at home. Montreal is lucky to have such ambitious performers and The Royals, in turn, are grateful to work in a city with a bustling arts scene and intrigued, encouraging audiences. If their performances weren’t so deliciously sinful, we might call it a match made in heaven.

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