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Hailing all the way from Washington Heights, USA, best friends for ten years and members of Tribe Society, make music with a purpose; an alternative band which boasts an originality from their hauntingly beautiful sound to their inspirational lyrics. The fantastic five, Gavin McDevitt, Rory Given, Bradford Alderman, Phil Boucher, and Seth Hachen, create melodies that are deeply moving, both physically and emotionally, blending them with slow, sultry synths and drum lines, dreamy vocals, fluid fluting and killer keyboarding. Their debut EP, Lucid Dreams, is powerful and addictive, featuring influences from an array of genres - a little something for everyone.

The uniqueness of Tribe Society lies in their ability to make tracks that encourage listeners to reflect upon and embrace the pain of life’s many challenges. Uplifting songs off their EP, Kings, Outlaws, and Pain Told Love, speak to one’s soul. Oppression, heartbreak, and rebellion are the focal points of this band’s splendid musical journey, which is laced with hope and enchanting, impressive craftsmanship.

Like many musicians in today’s day and age, Tribe Society don’t shy away from remixes, or as they call them, “re-imaginations”. They infuse their sonic smoothness onto huge tracks from the likes of Eminem, The Smashing Pumpkins, and The Beatles. Their most recent one, Lean On, first released by dubstep heavyweights, Major Lazer, offers a new take on the ever-popular club anthem. It replaces the hard-hitting basslines with a softer groove, gentle guitar riffs and intricate flute flirtations, whilst overlapping MØ’s vocals with lead singer, Gavin’s, captivating tones.

Released almost a year ago, their glorious thirty-minute mixtape, Delirium Sonata, is a well-executed homage to Tribute Society’s mission as artists. A seamless combination of tracks off Lucid Dreams, unreleased original music and poignant re-imaginations, Delirium Sonata does not disappoint, except when it must come to an end; a brilliant, tender version of Eminem’s aggressive Cleaning Out My Closet.

With exceptionally crafted beats, a motivational mindset, and the spirit of collaboration at every level of composition, there is no doubt that Tribe Society, a group of musical masters, will see many a sold-out venue in the near future.


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