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Our eyes are peeled and our senses are terrifically heightened after catching an exclusive sneak peak of The Heartstreets' racy new music video for "Cruising With You."

Premiering today, the three-minute ensemble promises to tantalize viewers as it not only accompanies the group's fresh new sound but also enhances the overall experience with innovative, juicy, and (not so) subtly erotic visuals.

Directed by Charlotte Ratel and Zacharie Lavertu, the montage features a shamelessly sensual exploration of the five senses as it follows a curious man on his search for raw stimuli in his day-to-day surroundings. Never quite managing to fully quench his thirst, he sips at oddly common, yet underrated phenomenon: the "wrrrrrrippp" of duck tape, the "scrrrraaatch" of Velcro, and the cherry-red dazzle of a freshly painted locker room, just to name a few.

Heartstreets duo Emma Beko and Gabrielle Godon never disappoint with their vibrant alt-pop music and sagacious lyrics, but this new audio-video release is bound to set a new standard within the multi-sensory musical realm.


The music video for “Cruising With You” was produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

You can listen to “Cruising With You” and the rest of the EP on these platforms:  iTunes // Apple Music // Spotify 


 Watch our last face-to-face interview with Heartstreets here.

For more about Heartstreets, check out their Website and their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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