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Photo by Aydin Matlabi

Photo by Rachel Machalani Electronic music lovers invaded Parc Jean-Drapeau for the two-day ÎleSoniq festival on August 5 & 6. The Decompoz team was on location to live the experience of a music ... Continue reading >>

          Unlike many artists whose passion for their craft blossoms at a young age, France native, Yannick Fournié’s melancholic, subtle surrealist, and spellbinding foray into visual art manifested itself ... Continue reading >>

Crowd Main Stages – Photo by Rachel Machalani Osheaga 2016 was nothing short of an intense, deep-burning summer love affair. With gorgeous weather all weekend, unbelievable musical performances, mouth-watering food and drink, interactive ... Continue reading >>

Die Antwoord CREDIT PHOTO BY TIM SNOW/evenko Montreal is set for another musical festival as ÎleSoniq is ready to take over from where Osheaga left off. For the second weekend in a row, ... Continue reading >>

Our eyes are peeled and our senses are terrifically heightened after catching an exclusive sneak peak of The Heartstreets’ racy new music video for “Cruising With You.” Premiering today, the three-minute ensemble promises ... Continue reading >>

Photo Credit Yan Bleney, Montreal 2016, for Decompoz Magazine  When they enter a studio, Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary, and Sascha Ring purposefully begin their work without preconceived ideas or expectations of the end ... Continue reading >>

Awolnation – by Pat Beaudry  // Festivalgoers everywhere have been counting down the days since the 2016 Osheaga line-up was released in May. So have we. After an amazing and unforgettable time at ... Continue reading >>

Where does Nike get its prominent background graphics that lure the world into buying from their athletic lines? How does Sony bring their products to life through visual appeal? Who is the mastermind ... Continue reading >>

 After a chance encounter in 2007, Zack Feinberg and David Shaw had a jam session that would set off a series of events, culminating in the formation of seven-piece Rock/Roots band, The Revivalists. ... Continue reading >>

                  When asked what drives him, Spanish collage artist Naro Pinosa replied, simply, that he pursued his work with the desire to switch off and ... Continue reading >>