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          Unlike many artists whose passion for their craft blossoms at a young age, France native, Yannick Fournié’s melancholic, subtle surrealist, and spellbinding foray into visual art manifested itself ... Continue reading >>

Where does Nike get its prominent background graphics that lure the world into buying from their athletic lines? How does Sony bring their products to life through visual appeal? Who is the mastermind ... Continue reading >>

                  When asked what drives him, Spanish collage artist Naro Pinosa replied, simply, that he pursued his work with the desire to switch off and ... Continue reading >>
Maser Installation in Montreal - Metro Saint Laurent // Photo credit Rachel Machalani

For the fourth edition of Mural Festival, the creative brains of LNDMRK took on their most ambitious projects to date when, under the direction of MASER, the Saint-Laurent Metro station in the heart ... Continue reading >>

                              Januz Miralles, an artist based in the Philippines, is a manipulator of women-but not in the malicious way ... Continue reading >>

©Decompoz Publishing // Photo by Rachel Machalani The ever-evolving discipline of street art has reached new heights in recent years. Capitalizing on the surge of popularity and high demand, Montreal’s Mural Festival is ... Continue reading >>

 British digital-illustrator Polly Nor reimagines a modern girl for the Instagram age with satirical pen-drawn, computer coloured portraits. With exposure ranging from the literary Bloomsbury to the click-bait Complex, she upsets regular interpretations ... Continue reading >>

UK-born artist Lucy Sparrow softens the blow— quite literally— of explicit adult imagery. Her pop-up installation staged at Montreal’s Station 16 Gallery allows patrons to approach intimate, sexually-charged subjects what would otherwise be ... Continue reading >>

 The beauty of art is that it doesn’t take much to create. All one needs is imagination and a medium – paint, clay, fabric, or in the case of Russian artist Asya Kozina, ... Continue reading >>
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 As comfortable on a skateboard deck as any mural wall, David Flores is an anomaly in California’s thriving art scene. The Tulare native mixes New York soul with a masculine cholo grit to ... Continue reading >>