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 When a Vaudeville circus background meets the fashion industry, the result is sewn into existence through edgy, unmistakable designs worn by Kanye West, Rihanna, and the cast of the Hunger Games—seemingly anyone striving ... Continue reading >>

 The beauty of art is that it doesn’t take much to create. All one needs is imagination and a medium – paint, clay, fabric, or in the case of Russian artist Asya Kozina, ... Continue reading >>

Tonsure, a Scandinavian menswear clothing line established in 2013 by Malte Flagstad, has mastered the juxtaposition of the comfortable and luxurious. The designer is no stranger to the realm of couture, having worked ... Continue reading >>

Best known for its youthful take on men’s street-wear, Atelier New Regime was founded in Montreal in 2009 by its three-man team – Setiz Taheri, Koku and Gildas Awuye. With a loyal following in Toronto, New York ... Continue reading >>

An heirloom is something passed down through family; through generations. In the conventional sense, it can be applied to things like jewelry or a particular type of flower. It essentially can be anything ... Continue reading >>

Do you have a fur garment in your closet that you inherited from your parents or grandparents, and don’t know where to wear it to? Are you afraid of pairing your fur with ... Continue reading >>
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Peace Collective is far more than an cool clothing brand. The Toronto based company is a philanthropic fashion label dedicated to fight against poverty in the hopes of eliminating child hunger by supporting ... Continue reading >>

There are many reasons why people choose one brand over another, sometimes it’s because they appeal to specific needs or personal tastes, and sometimes it’s because they’re wildly fun and inviting. Montreal fashion ... Continue reading >>

Essential conceptual menswear player, Represent Clothing are back at it bringing more variety to textured denim. Their new collection ‘DAWN’ set for Spring/Summer 2016 marks a major step forward for the fledgling designers. ... Continue reading >>

It’s the most unlikely of storybook beginnings: it all started with a bagel, a case of mistaken identity, and the unveiling of one of the most unapologetic, sharply-witted badass females of the modern ... Continue reading >>