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 Simone Steenberg’s dynamic and exposing photos are dripping in sexuality. Women’s bodies intersect across the image, breasts are bared, and legs spread. The women are sassy and something about their faces is always ... Continue reading >>

 Tim Gao is a freelance photographer based in Shanghai, China. Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It ... Continue reading >>

Juliet Doherty  Moments of movement: they’re ephemeral, fleeting, teasing to the eye and pleasing to an artists’ keen perception. Painters, like Degas, demonstrated a fascination with the exquisite movements of ballet dancers through ... Continue reading >>

Tamara Lichtenstein has a woman crush, and not just on Wednesdays – her photography, serene and spontaneous, is a youthful foray into a world of “sensitivity, femininity, love, light [and] imperfection.” The majority ... Continue reading >>
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Born in Northern New-Brunswick and based in Montreal since 2010, Simon Goupil is a talented up and coming photographer to look out for. From early on a creative kid, he started playing around ... Continue reading >>

Lyubomir Sergeev, or for short, Lubo, is a digital artist, photographer and well-established force in the advertising world, with crisp, haunting and timeless imagery that makes viewers feel elated, vulnerable and inspired. Whether ... Continue reading >>

Belgian native Frieke Janssens’ photography is unarguably eclectic. Though variably theatrical, nostalgic, but just as easily described as vibrant, or tender, her abounding work is dependably controversial and reflective of modern issues. While ... Continue reading >>

The figures and faces she captures seem to embody a world that’s half high-fashion, and half distortion. Even though the characters and moments she captures are soft and distinct— ethereal almost— they are ... Continue reading >>

Tyler Shields is one of those unique artists whose work becomes iconic the instant it’s released. He creates images that are immediately recognizable as indicative of modern American life. His photographs are characterized ... Continue reading >>

We may not want to admit it, but witnessing a person’s least graceful fall can be a laughing matter. The human brain is wired  this way, that is of course assuming that the ... Continue reading >>