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Kate ‘Lynx’ Alsterlund

Art by Mos Geez   From June 2nd to June 5th, Under Pressure with Fresh Paint Gallery presented the third edition of Queens Creation, an event celebrating the work and contribution of women ... Continue reading >>

Focus, determination, and imagination go a long way when carving out a name in a scene. Sometimes, a little anger helps too. For New Jersey BMX and Mountain Bike (MTB) rider Adam Hauck, ... Continue reading >>
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Water is more than a precious resource, it’s the lifeblood of our planet. To many like Frenchmen Damien Castera and Mathieu Crépel, water’s value lies not only within its life-­enabling traits, but also ... Continue reading >>

A lot has changed in the world of BMX over the past few years. With the arrival of social media, and all of the various ways to exchange and showcase experiences, the nature ... Continue reading >>

Parkour enthusiast Nirmit Gire has found more than just a passion. It’s a lifestyle. As a 24-year-old former media student from India but living in Toronto, Nirmit became inspired during his studies back ... Continue reading >>

There’s a balsa-wood surfboard hanging on the wall in Benjamin Rochette’s (founder and one of the personalities of OuiSurf) living room. It was formed by an Ecuadorian shaper with Rochette’s help and input. ... Continue reading >>
Jean-William Prevost

In a sport where “everybody has their own style, and there’s so much potential to develop new tricks,” there is no limit, in more ways than just on the competition floor. Considering his ... Continue reading >>

Life can seem to be a collection of random events, with things coming when they do whether you’re ready for them or not. For Marc André Turgeon, however, the randomness that is often ... Continue reading >>