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                              Januz Miralles, an artist based in the Philippines, is a manipulator of women-but not in the malicious way ... Continue reading >>

“You just have to LOVE what you are doing and believe in its results, and all of these challenges become joys”. The art of the documentary is one that requires patience and interest ... Continue reading >>

 Tim Gao is a freelance photographer based in Shanghai, China. Street photography is not just a sharp triggering of shutter to shape the outside world in the form of light and shadow. It ... Continue reading >>

Titled Yuanyang II, it’s a singular sculpture from a singular artist: two coffee cups are inverted, pouring out a milky substance that crashes onto the ground in an dynamic, almost animated splash. In ... Continue reading >>

On the cusp of adulthood, at 19 years old, Della De Leos, born and raised in the Philippines, has found her calling and is successfully making art, mostly of the abstract variety, her ... Continue reading >>

“Inquisitive and youthful, Tian Tian points up to a world full of infinite possibilities.” This is the way Danny Young describes his most important work so far on his website, Blank Boy Canvas. ... Continue reading >>

A Mad Hatter reference is easily conjured at first glance of photographer JeeYoung Lee’s curious aesthetic. It extends into the realm of fantasy— with elaborate sets and playful concepts that please an inner ... Continue reading >>