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Said Dokins’ imagery, or emotionally charged street art, is literally worth a thousand words. Award-winning calligrapher born and bred in Mexico, he brings speech excerpts, historical notes and personal sentiments to life, with ... Continue reading >>

As a movement originating in the 1980s, street art’s goal is to break down the barriers between public and private art consumption—to make art accessible to everyone and to allow the artist to ... Continue reading >>

The first glance of an art piece by this Brazilian team has the same impact on the senses as the frenetic scream of an electric guitar, or the touch of wasabi on the ... Continue reading >>
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One look at Brazilian artist Joao Ruas work is enough to see that even nightmares can be beautiful. Figures that are at once uncanny and attractive come to life under his watchful eye. ... Continue reading >>

Born in 1976 in São Paulo, Brazil, Eduardo Kobra was always destined to be an artist. By the tender age of nine, Kobra was already fascinated by colours, his attraction only increased as ... Continue reading >>