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UK-born artist Lucy Sparrow softens the blow— quite literally— of explicit adult imagery. Her pop-up installation staged at Montreal’s Station 16 Gallery allows patrons to approach intimate, sexually-charged subjects what would otherwise be ... Continue reading >>
Kate ‘Lynx’ Alsterlund

Art by Mos Geez   From June 2nd to June 5th, Under Pressure with Fresh Paint Gallery presented the third edition of Queens Creation, an event celebrating the work and contribution of women ... Continue reading >>

  Fresh from the UK, Snik is an internationally revered artistic duo, composed of Nik and Laura, that has gained august acclaim for their intricate, photorealistic stencil work. Working powerfully on canvas and ... Continue reading >>

The Subways, a UK band comprised of members Billy Lunn, Charlotte Cooper and Josh Morgan, are veterans of raw and intense rock music, having played together for over ten years. They started from ... Continue reading >>

Urban explorer, photographer and stencil artist Logan Hicks is a New York City based talent that has gained international recognition for his multifarious work. Having shown in nearly twenty countries throughout his career ... Continue reading >>

On April 28th, Station 16 Gallery launched Stenciled, a group exhibition showcasing a rare amalgamate of international talent: AIKO, Icy and Sot, Joe Iurato, Logan Hicks, and Snik. Distinctively incorporating intricate stencils in their ... Continue reading >>

POUR LIRE CET ARTICLE EN FRANÇAIS CLIQUEZ ICI Music is often considered one of the highest forms of creations. It is at once elegant and tangible but also ephemeral. It’s associated heavily with healing and inspiration. ... Continue reading >>

From their first performance at Bistro de Paris, to their gig at Jazz Fest and their European tour, Montreal-based singers Emma Beko and Gabrielle Godon, from the Heartstreets duo, continue to grow and ... Continue reading >>

POUR LIRE CET ARTICLE EN FRANÇAIS CLIQUEZ ICI Montreal illustrator Pierre-Paul Pariseau, most often associated with the “Pop Surrealism” movement, is however more akin to Surrealism, as an artistic, literary and cultural movement. Inspired by ... Continue reading >>

POUR LIRE CET ARTICLE EN FRANÇAIS CLIQUEZ ICI Bryan Beyung is making contributions to the gallery scene and cityscape in Montreal. His paintings on canvas and massive public murals explore identities in flux, and his ... Continue reading >>