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Crowd Main Stages – Photo by Rachel Machalani Osheaga 2016 was nothing short of an intense, deep-burning summer love affair. With gorgeous weather all weekend, unbelievable musical performances, mouth-watering food and drink, interactive ... Continue reading >>
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Creator, Illustrator and Art Director John Malta has collaborated with Bent Design Lab to produce a new animated short, “Warrior Babes Volume. 1”. Using John Malta’s hand drawn illustrations and Jesse Mcmanus’s exceptional ... Continue reading >>

There is nothing quite like the clarity that comes with time. Having tenderly cultivated fresh perspective and inspiration from a bittersweet past, multifarious musician and British Columbia native, Jordan Klassen, is fresh off ... Continue reading >>

Art, and by extension art galleries, are most successful when they push the boundaries of the expected experience. Like the postmodern art on their walls, a new wave of art galleries are progressively ... Continue reading >>

Comic book enthusiasts, necrophiles and hopeless romantics alike all have their tastes satiated by UK artist D*Face (Dean Stockton). His most recurrent characters are undeniably pop-art semblant: a zombie man and a blonde ... Continue reading >>
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Bosny is a dynamic Montreal-based artist who paints with the pulse of his city. His eye-catching, colourfully-expressive pieces are peppered throughout the city, extending a gallery experience to all audiences. He’s experimental, an ... Continue reading >>
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It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. This must be true, because The Royals, a recently formed Montreal dance and entertainment troupe, are heating things up in the city by ... Continue reading >>
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Watching Gab Godon and Emma Beko perform as Heartstreets is like capturing symbiosis in motion – Godon’s soulful voice is the perfect complement to Beko’s raspy rapping. The longtime friends and Montreal natives ... Continue reading >>
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Rebel fighters and trappers from Quebec’s French colonial period and futuristic student protesters emblazoned with the red square are just some of the characters brought to life by illustrator Nicolas Francoeur. The Montrealer, ... Continue reading >>