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James Bond and Batman— a superhero/pop-culture mashup that probably represents the highest forms of stealth, suave, and raw sexual magnetism. Operating under a veil of secrecy— man by day, spy hero by night— ... Continue reading >>

Bringing some excitement to a very grey week, CABANASUC happened yesterday at Place Montréal Trust and it was a full house. Sold out within the first week of announcing the event, guests got ... Continue reading >>

Best known for its youthful take on men’s street-wear, Atelier New Regime was founded in Montreal in 2009 by its three-man team – Setiz Taheri, Koku and Gildas Awuye. With a loyal following in Toronto, New York ... Continue reading >>

There are some emotions that can’t be expressed through words—chaotic, explosive moments in life for which there are no equivalents in language. These sensations exist beyond thought, beyond explanation—they are unique to our ... Continue reading >>

The question of how one values art properly has always followed the creative process. From valuing art as cultural currency, as a marker of personal prestige, as an investment even – the question ... Continue reading >>

Some aspiring musicians dream of the fame and celebrity lifestyle, some established musicians only care about producing things they can ‘place’ on TV; and then there are others – those who play music ... Continue reading >>

Do you have a fur garment in your closet that you inherited from your parents or grandparents, and don’t know where to wear it to? Are you afraid of pairing your fur with ... Continue reading >>

There’s a balsa-wood surfboard hanging on the wall in Benjamin Rochette’s (founder and one of the personalities of OuiSurf) living room. It was formed by an Ecuadorian shaper with Rochette’s help and input. ... Continue reading >>
Jean-William Prevost

In a sport where “everybody has their own style, and there’s so much potential to develop new tricks,” there is no limit, in more ways than just on the competition floor. Considering his ... Continue reading >>
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“My name is Seidou Dembélé. I am a shoemaker by profession, but I’m also an artist – I sing and compose music. I was born in 1973 in Abidjan in one of the ... Continue reading >>