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It’s an official wrap for our Toronto Edition. We had the opportunity to cover and meet amazing inspiring artists, entrepreneurs and daring wisemen throughout our trip. From Kensington Market to the Distillery District ... Continue reading >>

It’s the dream of many creatives to make a living off their art and to be recognized for their hard work and vision. For Toronto-based husband and wife artists, known as Shalak Attack ... Continue reading >>
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Picture yourself walking through the downtown core of essentially any big city, alone in a sea of people walking briskly to their destinations with no regard for their surroundings; the feeling within your ... Continue reading >>

A lot has changed in the world of BMX over the past few years. With the arrival of social media, and all of the various ways to exchange and showcase experiences, the nature ... Continue reading >>
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The Gladstone Hotel isn’t an art hotel – it’s a work of art itself. Poised on the corner of Queen Street West and Gladstone Avenue in the hipsterish Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto, the ... Continue reading >>

Frustrated with deciphering drink menus at bars, Rachel and Ashley, the self-proclaimed “Tipsy Teachers” behind School House Booze, embarked on a mission to educate themselves and their fellow Torontonians about alcohol. Rachel, 24, ... Continue reading >>
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Little is comparable to the feeling of freedom that summertime brings – after months of stress-inducing study sessions, the arrival of summer’s drawn-out days and hazy nights lifts a weight off your shoulders ... Continue reading >>
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What started as a high school project has now become a lead- ing outreach movement for at-risk youth. Unity Charity is the brainchild of Michael Prosserman (a.k.a. Bboy Piecez). Tasked with producing a ... Continue reading >>

Canadians are known for their strong sense of hometown pride; it’s this notion that’s at the foundation of the Peace Collective, a streetwear company founded by Yanal Dhailieh in late 2014. Inspired by ... Continue reading >>

Parkour enthusiast Nirmit Gire has found more than just a passion. It’s a lifestyle. As a 24-year-old former media student from India but living in Toronto, Nirmit became inspired during his studies back ... Continue reading >>