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“The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana

…And by the looks of it Bertil Nilsson keeps his ears wide open as he explores the Swedish forests he grew up surrounded by. Presenting nature in a way that is raw, colourful and divine, this avant-garde photographer and short film maker’s one-of-a-kind artistic expression, Naturally digs deep into the intrinsic and primal connection that exists between humans and nature.

Through this passion project, Nilsson – an established visual artist – conveys power, vulnerability, symbolism and communion by utilizing the medium of sinewy nude male dancers and circus performers. He contrasts the grandeur of the natural backdrop by painting his models in pigments of red and white, and allows them to interact with their surroundings both organically and artificially, all the while capturing the beauty and movement of the human form.

Living and working out of London, UK, Nilsson’s name has become synonymous with naturism and naturist collaborations. His body of work is impressive, voracious, brilliantly conceived, intricately executed, and poignantly invasive. His deliberate explorations of the space between intersections are sublime and the tension he creates, between order and chaos, can be cut with a knife.

In 2011, Nilsson published his book, Undisclosed, which is inspired by his interactions with 47 circus artists from different countries between 2006-2010. A thousand limited editions of this book, executed in black and white photography, capture the intense, artistic, demanding, and yet poetic training routine of these naked performers in empty spaces.

Of late, Nilsson has also made his mark as an experimental short film maker, the most recent of which – Bromance – has generated significant critical praise. Through this film, Nilsson tries to depict “through physical movement, the depth and complexity of modern relationships between men.” He says in a recent interview, “guys don’t normally express friendship by holding hands. However, there’s an interesting parallel in hand-to-hand acrobatics, where holding hands is an essential part of the movement and also embodies the very act of trusting and relying on one another.”

With an eye on the future, and a background in technology, Nilsson is interested in continuing his work through the medium of laser and mirror projections, an example of which can be seen in his work Luminiscence. Be it through the natural world, the exposed human form or through technical manipulation of man made tools, Bertil Nilsson is here to capture movement, and move audiences.

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