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The idea of East meets West is one that has always intrigued artists and creators. From a design perspective, the merging of these distinctly different aesthetics is something that can create striking results. NYC-based menswear label, Feldton, is one such brand that merges these two divergent traditions by blending innovative Japanese fabric techniques with rustic American work wear.

David Song, the label’s design brain and its VP of creative services, founded Feldton a little over a year ago, and in this short time the company has experienced immense success. Previously, he held design positions at Andrew Marc and London Fog/Herman Kay, working specifically in men’s outerwear. Within Feldton’s first year of operations, it has received funding from investor, Leeward International. Feldton has even managed to fill an order for American behemoth and NYC institution, Barneys New York. David and his sales and PR director, Andrew Nguyen, say the moment they filled their car with the first Barneys delivery was one of their proudest. Andrew also comes from a fashion background having worked as a buyer for many years, as well as teaching at the Parsons School of Design.

Photo Credit: Yan Bleney

Together the duo constructed Feldton from the ground up, building on the idea of designing clothes for the modern worker. They aim to create pieces that stand the test of time. Since starting the company, Andrew has remained involved in the physical creation of his products – he hand dies the garments himself. As he speaks, he motions with hands stained indigo from his labor. He says, “Our game plan is built on integrity and durability. Without these two elements, it’s no longer our brand. So we have to keep the principles of what we believe in, combined with the long-lasting quality of our product.”




Photo Credit: Yan Bleney
Photo Credit: Yan Bleney

These two core elements – durability and integrity – are reflected in Feldton’s choice of materials and in its manufacturing techniques. Even its choice of logo portrays a double diamond, which symbolizes the ultimate meeting of two strong substances reinforcing one another. The company uses enduring fabrics, and the highest-grade, handcrafted leather, to ensure the longevity of its pieces. The clothing has a recognizable all-American style, with a touch of the Southwest. This is seen in the choice of Wabash stripes, denim, and Native American inspired prints, which together evoke a mix of raw masculinity in the more sharp edges, while also maintaining an elegant softness. The current Feldton collection features: jeans, flannel shirts, vests, cargo pants, capes, sweater coats and Henley shirts. The designers use expertly manufactured Japanese wool, along with more traditional American materials, when carefully crafting their lasting pieces. Each item possesses an originality that can be hard to find in today’s retail environment, which is saturated by fast fashion. Read more in our New York edition…

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